Claudette Colvin: 15 yr old visionary

Before Rosa Parks, our National hero memorialized by President Obama in 2013, there was another young woman who stood up to authority and refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery Public Bus, 15 yr old Claudette Colvin. On March 9, 1955 (9 months before Rosa Parks) Claudette Colvin and three other young studentsContinue reading “Claudette Colvin: 15 yr old visionary”

Ms. Georgia Gilmore, Cook of the Civil Rights movement

The 1950s were a high risk time for all black men and women who contributed to fighting for their equal rights in a divided America.  Anyone suspected of being involved in the Civil Rights movement was vulnerable to violence and persecution in their homes, neighborhoods, and towns. Ms. Georgia Gilmore found a way in whichContinue reading “Ms. Georgia Gilmore, Cook of the Civil Rights movement”