News from The Milieux Project!

Happy Saturday! We hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. We have been keeping busy at The Milieux Project. Like many of you, we have made a few changes to adjust to coexisting with COVID-19 and we have also been taking the time and making the space to talk with friends (both old and new) about current events in our world.

Which brings us to this announcement. Some of you may have noticed our new website. We are still working out some of the changes (and trying to make it easier to both see and navigate the blog). But the biggest changes are the launch of our limited podcast series titled “Making Space to Talk” and our regular podcast series “Grow Her Wings”. We hope you will take the time to listen and share with friends, family and colleagues and join us as we have these conversations. Please subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. We are also available on YouTube.

A short description of each series follows — the first episode of each is available now. Thank you for your continued support as we endeavor to #changethemilieux and #growherwings.

Grow Her Wings: What does it mean that a girl receives her pilot wings?  It can mean a lot more than a perfect possession of the required skills to fly.  Join Carrie and Jenn, two seasoned Special Operations pilots, as they explore the lessons flying can teach beyond the flight deck. We’ll interview inspirational people, leading experts, courageous women and men, to learn together, give advice, take advice, talk about flying…and maybe even work in some instruction on flying the 747 and/or helicopters. Please Join us as we #growherwings

Making Space to Talk: Join us for a special panel we gathered to discuss personal emotions and thoughts surrounding the death of George Floyd and events that followed. Carrie and Jenn host colleagues Ryan Garlow, Brendan Epps, Willie Allen and Rashad Howard (of in a series we call “Making Space to Talk” as we discuss our personal experience of the event, the reaction to it, institutionalized racism, and the true need of authentic discussion and accountability.

WARNING: Some of the discussion is disturbing to some. Viewer and listener discretion is advised. 

DISCLAIMER: None of the views expressed in this discussion are representative of the Department of Defense, US Air Force or any other official office.


Published by aviatrix97

I am a life-long aviator with a military career spanning special operations and combat search and rescue. Together with @milieux01, I am working to advance opportunities for others to join us in the skies.

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