Episode 18 – Finding Yourself on the Track with Carol Carpenter Grow Her Wings

In our newest episode, we are interviewing Carol Carpenter of MotoVixens. After a hard divorce, Carol decided she wants to do something more with her life.  She wanted to challenge her comfort zone and do something most people would cringe at.  So she decided to take up racing motorcycles and shooting guns. Join Carrie and Jenn as they explore themes many women face everyday.  Things like single motherhood, what is “proper” for a woman and a mother, what is our identity, how family affects our decisions in life and other important conversations we should be having with our daughters.
  1. Episode 18 – Finding Yourself on the Track with Carol Carpenter
  2. Highlighting Female Aviators with Emilee Little
  3. July Update with New Guest and Partnerships!
  4. Memorial Day Edition
  5. The Next Gen Takes Lead – Moody AFB Girls in Aviation Day

Join us for a special panel we gathered to discuss personal emotions and thoughts surrounding the death of George Floyd. Carrie and Jenn host colleagues Ryan Garlow, Brendan Epps, Willie Allen and Rashad Howard (of RashadHoward.com) in a series we call “Making Space to Talk” as we discuss our personal experience of the event, the reaction to it, institutionalized racism, and the true need of authentic discussion and accountability.

WARNING: Some of the discussion is disturbing to some. Viewer and listener discretion is advised.

DISCLAIMER: None of the views expressed in this discussion are representative of the Department of Defense, US Air Force or any other official office.