Based in Jacksonville, Florida The Milieux Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and outreach program dedicated to increasing awareness  and improving access to opportunities in aviation for girls. With 52% of our population being women, it is not logical that percentages of women in the military have stayed the same (18-20%) since 2005, and percentages of women in aviation have decreased (hovering at 5%).  We link these issues to lack of access and societal perceptions of occupational danger and exclusivity – which is hardly ever true! We aim to create community, discover obstacles and advocate for #sistersinservice #womeninaviation #minoritiesinservice for those passionate about creating change. We hope you join us!

Carrie Zimmerman and Jenn Aupke are the co-founders of The Milieux Project, Inc. We have given speeches around the world on how to improve team performance as well as what it takes to be an operator in a high risk environment like combat.  Please contact us for ways we can help you or your organization.

#everygirlshouldfly #everykidcanfly #changeyourmilieux

Would you consider donating?

Every bit helps us connect a girl to aviation - and we would be grateful for your help. Please consider giving a small donation that will make an impact on many childrens' lives. Thank you for supporting us in any way you can! #everykidcanfly


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