The Next Gen Takes Lead – Moody AFB Girls in Aviation Day Grow Her Wings

March 8th marks the anniversary of the world's first female pilot license.  On March 8, 1910, Baroness Raymonde de Laroche of Paris became the first woman licensed to fly an airplane.   This week, Moody Air Force Base ( is holding a virtual event commemorating the women who have paved the way in aviation history for future generations. In this episode we discuss the event with Colonel Russ "Bones" Cook, the Commander of the 347th Rescue Group and Lt Jessica Alcaraz, Intelligence officer, 347th Rescue Group Executive Officer, and organizer of this week's event.   Tune in as we discuss why holding this event is important to them and should be important to all of us. To follow their weeklong event, Find Moody Air Force Base on Facebook! learn more at, and
  1. The Next Gen Takes Lead – Moody AFB Girls in Aviation Day
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  4. Fighter Pilot Mindset with Kim "KC" Campbell
  5. Jessica Ruttenber and the Women’s Initiative Team

Join us for a special panel we gathered to discuss personal emotions and thoughts surrounding the death of George Floyd. Carrie and Jenn host colleagues Ryan Garlow, Brendan Epps, Willie Allen and Rashad Howard (of in a series we call “Making Space to Talk” as we discuss our personal experience of the event, the reaction to it, institutionalized racism, and the true need of authentic discussion and accountability.

WARNING: Some of the discussion is disturbing to some. Viewer and listener discretion is advised.

DISCLAIMER: None of the views expressed in this discussion are representative of the Department of Defense, US Air Force or any other official office.

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