Episode 6 – Claudia Zapata-Cardone Grow Her Wings

A journey to achieving your dreams can be riddled with all kinds of set backs, from furloughs to budget issues to time restrictions.  But you can get through all of those challenges if you stay focused on your dreams and persistent in your work. United Airlines Capt Claudia Zapata Cardone, Community Outreach for the Airline Pilots Association, joins us to share her story of achieving her dream of being an airline pilot.  Claudia represents the few women (1%!!) that are airline captains, and her journey and words are inspiring.  Join Jenn (since Carrie was out with Covid19!!- get better soon Carrie!) she and Claudia talk about deciding to take the leap towards commercial flying, ways to approach receiving and giving instruction, how to get out of your “this isn’t for me” mindset and find your way to your success.  Claudia and Jenn navigate some of the experiences they have both had in aviation. Some things we talk about are how to handle: When every move is questioned. Getting non effective communication. Asking for more to find ways to make things less stressful. When to ask for clarification.
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Join us for a special panel we gathered to discuss personal emotions and thoughts surrounding the death of George Floyd. Carrie and Jenn host colleagues Ryan Garlow, Brendan Epps, Willie Allen and Rashad Howard (of in a series we call “Making Space to Talk” as we discuss our personal experience of the event, the reaction to it, institutionalized racism, and the true need of authentic discussion and accountability.

WARNING: Some of the discussion is disturbing to some. Viewer and listener discretion is advised.

DISCLAIMER: None of the views expressed in this discussion are representative of the Department of Defense, US Air Force or any other official office.

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