Episode 7 – Keeping it in the family- The Holladay Story Grow Her Wings

Today we have Nick and Meredith, a father and daughter, who both fell in love with aviation early in life for different reasons and continue to share their love of flying today. Dad, “aka” Nick, grew up in Hamburg, Germany, directly under the route of the Berlin Airlift. He watched the steady flow of resupply airplanes pass over head as he played in the streets and fields. The experience affected him so much that when he graduated high school, he signed up for the US Air Force (hence the t-shirt) – where he continued to pursue his passion for aviation. With his enlistment came a GI Bill, and Nick decided to use that bill to get his private pilot’s license. Meredith describes spending time at the airport watching her father fly, listening in on a handheld radio, and getting to fly with her father when he was a pilot. She now owns a flight school, Holladay Aviation, in Jacksonville, FL but her path to where she is now was not what you would expect! Listen in to learn more this unique family’s passions and vision and how it could apply to something you are doing!
  1. Episode 7 – Keeping it in the family- The Holladay Story
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  5. Making Space to Talk – Discussion 2

Join us for a special panel we gathered to discuss personal emotions and thoughts surrounding the death of George Floyd. Carrie and Jenn host colleagues Ryan Garlow, Brendan Epps, Willie Allen and Rashad Howard (of in a series we call “Making Space to Talk” as we discuss our personal experience of the event, the reaction to it, institutionalized racism, and the true need of authentic discussion and accountability.

WARNING: Some of the discussion is disturbing to some. Viewer and listener discretion is advised.

DISCLAIMER: None of the views expressed in this discussion are representative of the Department of Defense, US Air Force or any other official office.

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