The lack of Female Statues in the United States

Momentum is growing to increase the number of women statues that are present in the United States. Only 8% ( a generous estimation by some websites report as low as 4%) of statues are devoted to and built in the figures of actual American women pioneers.

This is a shame, given that the United States claims to be the pioneer and example of women’s rights across the world. However, if measured by monuments and memorials, the United States and other western cultures are not the stalwarts of female empowerment as they claim- many eastern religions have worshipped the divine feminine for centuries.

It does take a true appreciation of how much the definition of femininity and women’s roles in the west, and it is high time to start honoring women with national monuments.

Clara Barton would be our first suggestion, she is memorialized by a slate stone- hardly a reflection of who she was.

Clara Barton Monument at Antietam
A second suggestion is a monument to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, second female justice to be appointed to the Supreme Court and champion of modern women’s equality.

A third recommendation would be for a statue that represents American values in sports – such as Brandi Chastain or Simone Biles.

And the list goes on of incredible candidates worthy of National recognition- names like Jackie Cochran, Grace Hopper, Gertrude Ederle, Sally Kristen Ride come to mind immediately – all would make amazing tributes to modern American courage and tenacity.

All would be better candidates than R-Evolution, the last proposal made in 2017, for a female statue in Washington, DC. R-Evolution is a 45 ft tall rendition of a nude woman standing in mountain pose- hardly the representation of the heroines we remember most.

Luckily, the proposal to have R-Evolution places in the National Mall was denied by the National Park Service due to the chance it “might damage the National Mall’s grass”- a bit of a sham excuse but enough for activists to rejoice that the first presentation of a woman on the National Mall would not be naked– no matter what her purpose (the artist, Marco Cochrane, intended it to be a symbol that empowered women against domestic violence).

Consider contributing to the initiative to increase the number of female statues across the United States. Check out Herstory-– A website devoted to existing female statues.

Follow one of the many projects listed on this CNN story and share with friends to spread the energy for more female statues.

And finally, find your personal heroine and lobby your local government to build a statue in honor of her. There are many to chose from and the difference you could make is immeasurable!

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A combat proven Rescue Helicopter Pilot with a mission to increase diversity in the military by teaching young women to have courage and faith in themselves.

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