Spain recognizes inventor of the e-book, Angela Ruiz Robles

In part of a new effort to recognize significant achievements of women, Madrid is naming streets after Spanish women in history whose achievements may have been over looked or undervalued (Awesome!). Today they recognized Ms. Robles for her work in creating the first electronic encyclopedia, a precursor to the modern ebook. Read more about it here.

This inspires me- Don’t stop dreaming, be energized today. It doesn’t matter if you are recognized or not, your value is immeasurable. #bethechange



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A combat proven Rescue Helicopter Pilot with a mission to increase diversity in the military by teaching young women to have courage and faith in themselves.

3 thoughts on “Spain recognizes inventor of the e-book, Angela Ruiz Robles

  1. This was a great share, so true. Life should not be focused on trying to be recognized, we should focus on what we are passionate about which makes a difference in helping people, helping our community… and at some point our efforts are recognized, if even by a few people that is enough. Many Saints are recognized much much later for their efforts.

    Next time I am in Madrid, I will have a better appreciation for the female street names!

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  2. Yes, and I went to read this lady’s story in detail. It’s as I thought, she was passionate about her work, but it was not recognized until years after her death! SOOOO, you never know if something you are passionately working on might not be recognized today, but years later suddenly the world comes around and NEEDS what you thought was important.

    Same with the invention of the airplane, the lightbulb, writers, etc. Amazing, isn’t it. They were so passionate about their project, not looking for glory having to go through people laughing at them, etc., but they stayed true and focused on reaching their creative goal.

    Again, THANKS SO MUCH for sharing this story! I love hearing about these types of accomplishments.


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