“The stripes don’t mean flight attendant”

I came across this article while reminiscing about the most fun I had ever had in an airplane.  My friend Jessica and I earned our commercial single engine sea rating at Kenmore Air in 2010.  When we were there, I witnessed a young woman effortlessly push a de Havilland Beaver off the dock, jump onto the float, slide into her seat and fire up the engine…all in less than 5 seconds.   I was in awe.  She is a certifiable badass and someone who identified her goal and went for it!


She’s a woman, but when Michelle Cowan climbs into a seaplane, she is a pilot first. As Kenmore Air’s first, full-time female pilot certified to fly the entire fleet, she gets some curious looks from passengers. But she simply smiles and says, “The stripes don’t mean flight attendant.” Read more about Captain Michelle Cowen!

Published by aviatrix97

I am a life-long aviator with a military career spanning special operations and combat search and rescue. Together with @milieux01, I am working to advance opportunities for others to join us in the skies.

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