D-Day Tribute to the WASPs

On this, the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, Milieux Project would like to remember the women that composed the original FlyGirls: The Women’s Auxiliary Service Pilots who were critical to the Allied Air Operation over the largest amphibious assault in history.

Established in 1942 and disbanded 2 and a half years later – these brave and tenacious women ensured equipment built in the United States made it to the battlefield. This was no small feat- many women had to stand on their toes to make height restrictions and wore equipment too large for them just so they could contribute.

Wearing Walt Disney’s rendition of a female Gremlin, Fifinella, and led by innovator Jackie Cochran, the WASPs answered their nation’s call and volunteered to do what was needed for victory. Without the WASPS, the Riveters, the WAVES and all of the others who filled the seats that the defense department needed, the outcome of WWII might have been much different. A personal letter from the German Commander in Normandy to Hitler sums it up as follows “there is no way in which we could battle with the all-powerful enemy air forces … without being forced to surrender territory.”

Thank you to the women and men of the greatest generation – who faced evil and defeated it with courage.

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Published by milieux01

A combat proven Rescue Helicopter Pilot with a mission to increase diversity in the military by teaching young women to have courage and faith in themselves.

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