This day in History: Queen Lili’uokalani

A part of US history not often remembered this day in history – Hawaii’s first and last Queen was illegally arrested and held captive the rest of her life by the United States. Despite multiple attempts to convince American interests in the area that Hawaii was a sovereign nation (the first to have central power in its capital building), the US refused to acknowledge Hawaii as an independent nation.

The resistance movement to restore Hawaii to Hawaiians still exists, since the US never officially received permission from the natives of Hawaii to make Hawaii a state. It was on a trip in 2011 that I learned about this tragic history by visiting the capital city and touring the palace. Most Americans don’t know this history or the current movement to restore Hawaii to Hawaiians. I sure didn’t.

Kanaka Maoli “Hawaii for Hawaiians” Flag

You can listen here at Stuff You Missed in History, this day in History and read more here.

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