The Mother of the Boston Tea Party

In “celebration” of the national Income Tax Deadline for 2018 today, Milieux thought it might be appropriate to remember the original American sentiment on taxes and an often forgotten figure in this pivotal moment of American History – Sarah Bradlee Fulton and the Boston Tea Party.


On the fateful night of 16 December 1773, seven months after Britain had passed the Tea Act requiring Americans to pay taxes on tea as soon as it arrived to port, a group of settlers representing the 13 colonies of America gathered to protest the tax by dumping $1.7M (in today’s dollars) worth of tea into the Boston Harbor.

Not being one who shied away from controversy, Sarah Fulton helped plan the protest by proposing the idea that the colonists dress as the local Native Americans so as to not give any warning to the mercenaries of the East India Tea company.  She helped all of them disguise themselves for the assault and stayed after to destroy all evidence that would have linked them to the protest.

Because of her bravery that night, and on several occasions following, Sarah Fulton helped lead our great nation to what it is today.  Thank you to the Sons and DAUGHTERS of Liberty for what you contributed to our history.  May we never forget their courage.

#bethechange #courage #standupforliberty


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