Nancy Wake: The SF White Mouse of WWII

Ms. Nancy Wake, An Australian born bad ass (sorry for the curse word, there is just no better adjective), was living in Marseille, France when Germany invaded in 1940.  She scrambled to help many people escape via the French Resistance, where she first earned the name “The White Mouse” from the Gestapo.


nancy wake gestapo mw
Gestapo “Most Wanted” Bill, 1942


Wake escaped to Britain, where she joined the Special Operations Executive, trained with them, and then parachuted back into the fight to become a liaison between the French Resistance and Britain.  She was instrumental in recruiting more members, and led multiple attacks on Gestapo headquarters, at one point killing a sentry with her bare hands.

After her service, she returned to Britain and then back to Australia where she made several attempts at politics.  Despite her military service and high decorations, she was never successful at politics, but her legend lives on.  You can read more about her here.


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