Failure also brings a lesson

The original quote is “Tragedy also brings a gift.”  Army MSgt Cedric King is a warrior and an inspiration.  Not only in his military accomplishments, but also in his knowledge that tragedy and failure can be a gift.  He was gravely wounded in combat, ultimately losing both of his legs and suffering damage to his right arm.   Instead of looking at the situation as the end of his career, he viewed it as the beginning something great, and is on his way to becoming an IRONMAN (see his inspirational video here).

“You can’t rest on those old victories.  You’ve gotta compete every day.  You’ve gotta show up and compete every day.” – Cedric King

Showing up every day can be hard.  Competing every day can be exhausting.  But you can do it…and MSgt King is right — you cannot rest on old victories.  But you also cannot dwell on past failures.  As a young girl or woman working to pursuing a career in aviation, you might feel the odds are stacked against you.  You may sometimes feel your set-backs are signs that you don’t belong.  You may even experience situations where it’s clear someone is trying to tell you that you don’t belong.  My answer:  “Bulls–t! Prove them wrong!”  Keep working, keep showing up, and keep competing.   If you fail, learn from the failure and press on.  When you succeed, build on that success and continue to get better.  And in both cases:  SHARE that experience, knowledge, and life lesson with others.

The talents you can bring to the table exist only in you.  Keep competing.

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Published by aviatrix97

I am a career Air Force officer and aviator. My career spans over 4500 flying hours in multiple aircraft and three different MAJCOMs (Major Commands). I was honored to serve as squadron commander of the 347th Operations Support Squadron -- supporting the training an employment of premier Combat Search and Rescue forces!

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