“Up, Down and from all sides”

While the US military is built on a “promote from within” model, some leaders have speculated that bringing in leaders laterally from the civil sector could benefit military operations. This article explores how onboarding civil sector leaders might help identify barriers to increasing the numbers of women who serve.

The majority often misunderstand their biases

Are women treated differently? Do we take things too personally? I would argue yes, we are treated differently and yes, we might benefit from taking things less seriously. A short story: While I was in advanced pilot training for HH-60Gs, I began to notice that my older, retired (circa 1990) academic instructors would refer to pilots as “he”Continue reading “The majority often misunderstand their biases”

The change starts with us

“Someone with authority can demand compliance, but they can’t dictate optimism, trust, conviction, or creativity.” Brian Walker If we want to affect change we have to start with the people. Our leadership might make new rules, push for more change, but it takes us.   This is the purpose of The Milieux Project, to change perspectives,Continue reading “The change starts with us”