The Mother of the Boston Tea Party

In “celebration” of the national Income Tax Deadline for 2018 today, Milieux thought it might be appropriate to remember the original American sentiment on taxes and an often forgotten figure in this pivotal moment of American History – Sarah Bradlee Fulton and the Boston Tea Party. On the fateful night of 16 December 1773, sevenContinue reading “The Mother of the Boston Tea Party”

“A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at”*…

Originally posted on (Roughly) Daily:
? A proposed cross-section of the Minnesota Experimental City The future had arrived, and it looked nothing like what city planners expected. It was the early 1960s, and despite economic prosperity, American urban centers were plagued by pollution, poverty, the violence of segregation and crumbling infrastructure. As the federal highway…

Fran Bera “Record-Breaking Aviator”

Who is Fran Bera? I recently learned about her from a NYT headline: Fran Bera, Competitive, Record-Breaking Aviator, Is Dead at 93.   So of course I read the article and began an internet search.  This is what I learned:   She saved money to start her flight lessons at the age of 16 byContinue reading “Fran Bera “Record-Breaking Aviator””

The Men’s Empowerment Run

He had just returned from winning the Women’s Empowerment 5K, and everyone was gathered around him to see his medal.  “That’s awesome man”, “way to represent” everyone was proud of our squadron’s winner.  It was great, he ran the race pretty fast and won.  I asked, “were there a lot of people that showed up?”Continue reading “The Men’s Empowerment Run”