Eric Motley – “Groomed for Greatness”

While flying on Southwest Airlines recently, I discovered this article, The Education Of Eric Motley– on op-ed on his recent book: Madison Park, A Place of Hope

Having been the youngest appointee in President George W. Bush’s White House, and now Vice President of the Aspen Institute, Eric Motley is an example of what perseverance, drive and community support can achieve.

“[Mamma and Daddy] possessed in abundance all the things that count—optimism, integrity, patriotism, common sense, faith in God, respect for others, and a strong work ethic—and passed those on to me.” Eric Motley

Stories like this surround us daily, and it only takes a short look around to find them.    I was glad to find such an inspirational story on my journey, and wanted to share. 

Be great today, make success your mission. Don’t ever let anyone else limit what you believe you can do.  #bethechange #leadlikeyou #befierce @themilieuxproject

Published by milieux01

A combat proven Rescue Helicopter Pilot, realizing I can do something to effect change in something I love- increasing diversity in the military and teaching young women to have courage and faith in themselves.

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