The Shooting Granny of India

At 84 years old, Chandro Tomar is the oldest national sharp shooter in India.  Reverently called “Revolver Dadi (Grandma)”, in her small village in the Uttar Pradesh state of northern India, Chandro has over 25 National Championship sharp shooting titles and her own shooting range.  She can be seen teaching young girls how to shoot andContinue reading “The Shooting Granny of India”

An Original “Rosie the Riveter” Takes to the Sky

After 68 yrs of “riveting” and receiving the 2017 Air Force Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award,  Elinor Otto flew in a C-17 she helped build on Monday, 18 Dec 2017.  Ms. Otto joined the aerospace industry in 1942 as a single mother, when Rosie the Riveter signs inspired her and she worked until 2014, at theContinue reading “An Original “Rosie the Riveter” Takes to the Sky”

Another Nature vs Nurture Discussion

  It has been my contention that women are capable of similar strengths as men with training, repetition and need.  Recent discoveries in archeology, like this one, are proving that modern skeletons for both men and women are skinnier than they have been in some prehistoric societies.  As science draws focus on ancient women apartContinue reading “Another Nature vs Nurture Discussion”

Why the Milieux Project?

It might not be transparent, so I’d like to write a little on the Milieux Project and our “why”.  To be sure, we are still defining it, but we definitely started with a desire to change how our culture thinks about flying and who can do it.  But it has become more than this.  IContinue reading “Why the Milieux Project?”