Lyudmila Pavlichenko: Ukranian Sniper

This week’s badass woman of history is one of histories most deadliest snipers, Major Lyudmila Pavlichenko, aka Lady Death. After an attack on her beloved university in Kiev, Ukraine, Maj Pavlichenko approached recruiters with her civilian expert shooting certificates and asked to join the infantry. “She looked like a model, with well-manicured nails, fashionable clothes,Continue reading “Lyudmila Pavlichenko: Ukranian Sniper”

Valerie Andre: le General helicopter pilot

A little known piece of history is that one of the earliest proponents of modern day helicopter rescue and medical evacuation is credited to le General Valerie Andre, a French doctor and highly decorated helicopter pilot. le General Valerie Andre began her career in 1948, entering the service as a pilot, parachutist and army surgeon. Continue reading “Valerie Andre: le General helicopter pilot”

Khutulun: It’s normal to be a badass girl

One of the challenges of our modern western milieu is the implicit bias that, despite numerous examples otherwise, steers us into believing women are somehow not athletic or strong, competitive or political.  Laypersons make sweeping generalizations about women (uhhhh…. Google guy James Damore), and through confirmation bias, deceive themselves into thinking they are righteous orContinue reading “Khutulun: It’s normal to be a badass girl”