Because I’m a girl

Everyday our achievements can be diminished by our peers by the simple phrase “you achieved that because you are a girl/woman” or “management/instructors/the boss goes easy on you because you are a girl/woman” or “that was great for a woman”.

Who knows why they say it- but let’s remind ourselves why we keep doing it… 

Because I’m a girl

#girlsinc #diversity #bethechange 


Published by milieux01

A combat proven Rescue Helicopter Pilot with a mission to increase diversity in the military by teaching young women to have courage and faith in themselves.

One thought on “Because I’m a girl

  1. Absolutely! I guess the guys get it in their own way too. Just think of all the men who struggle with emotions because they were told “boys don’t cry” or “don’t be a big girl’s blouse”.

    Stereotyping should just stop – full stop! X

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